New Security Cams for Transit Hubs

According to the Associated Press there are now 500 cameras installed around New York City’s busiest transit hubs that provide real-time images to the NYPD’s security network.  Modeled after London’s “Ring of Steel”, which uses thousands of cameras around Central London, the cameras will make it easier to both identify and stop acts of crime and terrorism as they are happening and to track and pursue the perpetrators of crimes immediately after they have happened.

Eventually there will be 3,000 of the cameras placed around the city.

This is great news but why wasn’t this already done years ago?  New York City’s transit hubs are among the most vulnerable in the world to acts of terrorism.

There are many similar examples, such as the fact that the Port Authority Police uses a radio frequency that is shared with other civilian departments and non-government radio users.  During an emergency this will cause difficulties in communication, but 9 years after 9/11 and more than a year after this was pointed out by FOX News, nothing has changed.

Another example would be the lack of security cameras in some of the nation’s largest airports, including Newark Airport where an incident in January revealed that cameras in some areas were taping but not recording.

It is mind boggling that seemingly basic elements of security practice are still so disorganized and dysfunctional or are just being dealt with.  I fear what it would take for us to really get our act together.

New Security Cams for Transit Hubs

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