Frankfurt Airport Shooting

MSNBC reports that the pistol used to shoot two US Airmen at the Frankfurt, Germany airport jammed, preventing further loss of life.  The suspect, Arid Uka, a 21 year old ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, has stated that he was radicalized by America’s military presence in Afghanistan and went to the airport to “kill Americans.”

The airmen that he attacked were on a bus outside of a terminal.  This atrocity highlights both the threat from lone terrorists and the need for security outside of airports.  At many airports around the world there is no security prior to entering the terminal gates, allowing anyone to walk into a crowded airport with a gun or a bomb and perhaps kill as many people as could be killed on a plane.  Had Mr. Uka been stopped by security on the way into the airport, this tragedy could have possibly been prevented.

Frankfurt Airport Shooting

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