Smartphones Vulnerable to Hackers

We’ve all heard the warnings about using our laptops to conduct business on a public Wi-Fi connection.  It’s very easy for thieves to access our computers while using Wi-Fi and to not only see what we are doing in the moment, but to access information stored on the computer.  But did you know that your phone could be vulnerable as well?

Android, the leading smartphone platform, is used in about one in three smartphones—basically most smartphones that are not made by Apple. Various bundled apps from Android, along with apps from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter make it very easy for thieves to access your phone because they are transmitting authentication tokens with zero encryption.

While Google, the maker of Android, has an update that fixes the problem, anyone who does not keep up with their updates (i.e. most people) will still be vulnerable.  Whether you are on a laptop or smartphone, it is always safest to access the internet via a cellular data network or your home network which is password protected.

Smartphones Vulnerable to Hackers

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