New TSA Procedures to Mirror Israeli Techniques

According to AOL Travel, Boston’s TSA screeners will be implementing a new pilot program next week at Boston Logan International Airport.  In addition to the usual screening procedures, TSA employees will pose a variety of questions to passengers and determine whether or not they pose a threat based on their verbal and physical reactions to the questions.

The program will require passengers to answer several questions as they are going through security – basic questions like, “Where are you headed?”

According to the article, the aim is to analyze so-called micro-expressions – small, involuntary emotional reactions to stimuli. People who seem tense or untrustworthy will be given full body scans.

This is a method commonly used in Israel, where it has been successful and something that I have been advocating for years.

While this is a good idea, it will only be a good idea in practice if the TSA agents are properly trained.  As we have seen in many security incidents at airports since 9/11 the TSA isn’t exactly known for being the best at what they do.

New TSA Procedures to Mirror Israeli Techniques

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