Lone Wolf Terrorists

Last Month Janet Napolitano stated in an interview in Paris that the global terrorist threat has shifted and that rising threats are coming from “lone wolf terrorists” who have no official ties to extremist networks.

Lone wolf terrorists are perhaps even more dangerous than those from groups like Al-Qaeda because they often don’t communicate with anyone about what they are planning to do.  That lack of communication lessens the chances that their plans will be picked up by law enforcement.

While the threat may come from foreign agents, there may be an equal threat from domestic elements.  While the economy is improving, a lot of the improvement is being seen in big cities.  Vast swaths of the country are still floundering and that continued instability can give rise to a lot of anger and frustration that is sometimes finds an outlet in violence directed toward agencies or groups that the perpetrators feel have wronged them.

Again this threat is a reminder that all of us must do our part to keep our country safe.  Law enforcement agencies are limited in what they can do to detect and prevent lone wolves from striking.  It is up to all of us to do our part by reporting things like abandoned packages or suspicious behavior such as someone seeming to spend an inordinate amount of time observing a government building or church, or purchasing large amounts of suspicious materials or weaponry. 

Lone Wolf Terrorists

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