Travel Safety

As tensions escalate between Iran and Israel and as many countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa continue to be in a state of unrest, the potential for backlash against the West, and especially the US and Great Britain, is very high.

Should Israel go to war with Iran, the only way that Iran could answer is through terrorism and that terrorism would be targeting not only Israelis, but Americans and the British as well.

We are warning our clients to be very wary now when they travel and to pay particular attention to news coming from this area and to travel warnings being issued by the State Department.

If your travel plans are affected by rising terror threats we would advise taking such precautions as avoiding crowded shopping centers, major tourist attractions and staying in low profile hotels instead of landmarks or big American chains that are likely targets of terrorists.

Should international travel become a bigger security issue, we will be offering a more extensive list of travel safety tips.

Travel Safety

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