The Wall Street Journal today had an interesting article about a recent hacking case involving two Saudi billionaire brothers, one of whom had been accused of hiring hackers to access his brother’s emails, which were then posted online.  The case itself was interesting; a family dispute over hundreds of millions in assets including property, art and various companies.  But what it really highlighted was how hacking has become an accessible and relatively inexpensive service.  For as little as a few hundred dollars you can go online and find providers who will hack the email account or website of your target.

As this threat continues to grow, we remind our clients to be careful of the emails that they open in their personal or work accounts.  Do not click on links from any unfamiliar source, and be cautious even with emails from friends as their accounts may have been accessed by fraudsters.  If a friend’s email asks you to click on a random link or the language seems strange, contact your friend before you go forward and make certain that the email is from them.  Do not respond to emails asking for personal information.  No legitimate company will ask for that kind of information over email. 


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