Sacramento Aiport Arrest: 4 Loaded Guns

A Montana man was arrested at the Sacramento International Airport in California on Thursday of last week when TSA officials found four loaded guns in his carry-on bags while he was going through a security checkpoint.  A further search found eight more loaded weapons in his car, which was parked at an off-site parking lot.

This arrest serves to illustrate the fact that US airports have no perimeter security.  It is fortunate that the man was arrested before he was able to board a plane, however, he didn’t need to.  He could have opened fire on all the people waiting to check their bags or go through security.  If he had a bomb, he could have killed just as many people as he could have by taking down a plane.

If there had been security at the parking lots or on the roads coming into the airport, the man could have been stopped before he got anywhere near a terminal.  If we are serious about making airports secure, then we have to look at the big picture and stop creating security measures in reaction to individual events.  Has taking off our shoes in the security line made us safer?  I don’t know, but it certainly wouldn’t stop a man with four loaded handguns from walking up right behind you while you take them off.

Sacramento Aiport Arrest: 4 Loaded Guns

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