Massive Cyber Bank Theft

Software security firms McAfee and Guardian Analytics have issued a joint report regarding a massive cyber theft of sixty million euro that has been stolen from bank accounts from dozens of financial institutions around the world.

The attack, named “Operation High Roller”, targets high balance accounts.  The stolen money is then moved in relatively small amounts to “mule” accounts.

According to the report, credit unions, large multinational banks and regional banks have all been attacked in Europe and in North and South America.

The attacks target the banks’ servers, where they create automated software that is able to operate without triggering alarms for abnormal activity.

According to the report, McAfee researchers have been able to track the global fraud, which still continues and have identified dozens of servers, many located in Russia.

The fraud could end up netting over two billion dollars before it is finally stopped.

Massive Cyber Bank Theft

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