Spy Gear Used in Divorces


The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on the proliferation of the use of spy gear, such as hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and computer software, in divorce cases.  Increasingly, people in failing marriages are turning to spy gear to dig up dirt or to exert an additional level of control over their spouse by closely monitoring them.  Technology like this used to be extremely expensive, but can now be purchased online for a few hundred dollars and more people are using it.

This type of spying has become so common that we now advise our clients who are in the middle of a divorce to assume that their phones and emails are being monitored and to set up new email accounts, purchase new computers and pay-as-you-go phones to have sensitive conversations or to communicate with their attorneys.

We give similar advice to our business clients, especially those that are traveling overseas.  Accessing information on the go has become easier and easier with smart phones, laptops and tablet computers, but this ease of access has also exposed us to a much greater risk of losing that information.


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