Holiday Travel Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us and many people are looking forward to trips and vacations, both home and abroad.  Following are some common sense safety tips, to help keep you and your family safe during your travels:

Pack lightly and try to sort out any issues with your flight prior to arriving.  Airport security is primarily focused on preventing terrorists from attacking planes.  There is very little to prevent an attack in the front of the terminal itself where potentially hundreds of people are lined up during the busy holiday travel season.  The less time you spend in this part of the airport, checking bags or dealing with ticketing agents, the better.

Make copies of your passport and other forms of identification and leave it with a trusted friend or relative.  If you lose your passport, having copies faxed to you can make replacement much easier.

Consider purchasing travel medical insurance, particularly if you are traveling to a country where the medical facilities might not be up to Western standards.  Policies that include medical evacuation are relatively inexpensive.

If you take prescription medication, particularly pain relievers or sedatives, check with the State Department before traveling to a foreign country about that country’s laws regarding drug possession.  Possession of these and other types of medications in some countries, without proper documentation, can be considered a criminal offense.

When traveling to a foreign country, find out where your country’s nearest embassy or consulate is located.  You may need their services in the event of a lost passport or other travel related emergency.

You should also check with your country’s State Department prior to departure for the most recent travel warnings.  The US State Department has recently issued travel warnings for tourist destinations, Mexico and Honduras.

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

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