Travel Safety

Interfor has frequently posted travel tips for our clients, many of whom are international travelers.  Following are a few new tips that may help keep you and your employees safe:

Over the last decade, booking travel has become much easier and many companies are simply having their employees book their own travel rather than paying for the services of a travel agency.  This can often be a false economy, however, as corporate travel agencies, such as American Express, can help reduce fraud and get the best prices from hotels and airlines.  The hotels that they book have likely been vetted and are apt to be cleaner and safer than an unfamiliar hotel that you might book for yourself online.  They can also provide a travel security management program, which can be coordinated with your company’s security director.

If your company has frequent international travelers, it may be a good idea to create a secure company website where you post emergency contacts, crime and safety information, contact information for local authorities and consulates, medical services information and an RSS feed of local news for the destination country.  Having this information easily accessible online, might be a better solution than having the information in hard copy format which can be misplaced.

Information security is a top priority for international travelers.  We recommend that business travelers use special travel laptops from which they access their emails and documents through a secure cloud service.  Nothing should be downloaded or saved to the computer itself.  Travelers should only access the internet over secure connections at their hotel or office, never via an unprotected WiFi connection at a public venue such as a coffee shop or café.

Travel Safety

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