What do you need to have for a office emergency?

Using United States Government guidelines, here are what you would need to survive the first several hours of shelter-in-place support after a severe emergency or disaster. Try to appoint a emergency response leader.

For search and rescue:

  • leather palmed work gloves
  • safety goggles
  • pry bar
  • multifunction tools (needle nose pliers, wire cutter, file/cutter, flat file, all types of screwdrivers, can opener, bottle opener, punch, knife blade)

For breathing protection, and medical situations:

  • dust masks
  • first aid kit
  • vinyl gloves

For warmth/shelter and communication and light:

  • 8×10 tarp/ground cover
  • emergency thermal blankets
  • rolls duct tape
  • rolls plastic sheeting
  • whistle with lanyard
  • emergency AM/FM radio with two sets of batteries
  • flashlight with two sets of batteries
  • 12 hour light sticks

For hydration, hygiene, and sanitation:

  • 4 oz. emergency water pouches with a 5-year shelf life and U.S. Coast Guard approved
  • collapsible 2-gallon water bag for carrying, purifying and storing
  • water purification tablets
  • 5 gallon toilet bucket
  • snap-on toilet seat
  • biohazard bags
  • toilet deodorizer packets
  • toilet paper rolls
  • moist towelettes

For the emergency response leader:

  • emergency instruction sheet
  • waterproof document pouch
  • writing tablet
  • pens

And to store all these things you should pack them in a waterproof 5-gallon toilet bucket with a carry handle, airtight tamper-evident lid, and removable emergency document pouch. A bright orange lid, shows in an emergency.

What do you need to have for a office emergency?

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