ISIS Now Found the Idea of Possible Sophisticated Malware

FBI Director James Comey, said that ISIS is now waking up to the idea of using sophisticated malware to cyber attack critical infrastructure in the United States.He believes that the attacks are coming and that the terror group is looking into whether they are able to pull off these attacks. Comey believes that it’s logical and it would make sense for it to happen because the United States have been paying attention more to potential cyber attacks.

The most concerning thing is the threat of terror groups that adopt cyber tactics that are usually carried out by China or North Korea. “Destructive malware is a bomb. And terrorists want bombs.” Comey said. Eventhough it may be difficult for a terrorist to enter the United States physically, but they can do so online.

Comey calls the internet and social media is “the intersection where cyber and counter terrorism merge.” The head of U.S. Cyber Command, Admiral Mike Rogers, said that “a shift by ISIS of using cyber capabilities not just for recruitment but as weapons system is a “great concern” to NSA.” The FBI is also seeing an increase in the encryption of operational communications between the terrorist and potential recruitment online.

ISIS Now Found the Idea of Possible Sophisticated Malware

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