Security Update


Events in Paris this past weekend underscore the need for awareness and preparedness – to be alert and vigilant to surroundings and unusual activity.

In recent speaking engagements, I mentioned the great probability of events such as those in Paris as terrorists search for what they consider soft targets. Unfortunately, this has become a tragic reality. I reiterate that this is likely not the last one. The holidays ahead may be an attractive time for terrorists.

Governments have not been strong in preventing terrorist acts, only in reaction to them. This behooves every family to rely on protecting themselves.

No terrorist events have occurred in the U.S. since 9/11, but this does not mean we are immune. Terrorist groups may be aiming for easy targets in Europe before heading to the U.S.

Having a family survival plan is essential, not a luxury. A few tips:

  • As much as possible and feasible, stay away from large crowds – shopping malls, mass transportation, sporting events – at least for the next few months. These are appealing to terrorists for their sheer numbers.
  • Modify your daily routine, if you can.
  • Prepare a home emergency kit of essentials should you and your loved ones need to leave in a hurry.
  • Arrange a contingency meeting place in case an event occurs in your neighborhood. Unless you have planned in advance with your family, it will be too late once an event occurs.
  • Create a family phone tree to ensure that all members can coordinate in times of crisis.

Attached is the “Terrorism Risk Scorecard” for your consideration.

I wish you and your family safe travels and safe holidays.

Warm regards,

Juval Aviv

President & CEO

Interfor Inc.

Terrorism Risk Scorecard

Security Update

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