Thinking Outside the Box: International Asset Search and Recovery

Thinking Outside the Box: International Asset Search and Recovery

Fraud is a booming business. The list of companies falling victim to fraudulent acts continues to grow at a rapid pace and the perpetrators of these crimes are thinking bigger and becoming more sophisticated. In order to plan and perpetuate a fraud, though, fraudsters rely on a series of assumptions. One assumption is that few corporations or creditors will allocate the necessary budget to pay for the services required to unravel a complicated scheme and are more likely to write off losses or other bad debt rather than “throw good money after bad.” A further assumption the perpetrators make is that they will go unpunished and that the money will never be found, let alone recovered. Consequently, increasingly, a major component of modern fraud planning is the use of elaborate schemes to hide assets from victims, creditors, or other counterparties.

The belief that the money will never be found, however, is often wrong. By employing investigative techniques and making use of various legal remedies, there is a significant probability that the fraudster’s methods can be exposed and the hidden or missing assets can be identified and recovered in a cost-effective manner.

The Interfor Difference

Over the past thirty years, Interfor, Inc. has developed comprehensive techniques to uncover fraud schemes and trace, freeze, and recover hidden assets.

Founded in 1979, Interfor specializes in U.S. and international asset intelligence investigations for law firms, corporations, banks and bankruptcy trustees. Having located assets concealed or undisclosed in the U.S., the Caribbean Basin, Switzerland and other offshore “safe havens,” Interfor is the recognized world leader in asset search and recovery services. Interfor’s investigations have yielded substantial results; since its inception, Interfor has recovered billions of dollars worldwide for its clients.

Part of Interfor’s success lies in the fact that Interfor pioneered the investigative use of available English common law provisional remedies to assist lawyers around the globe in freezing assets. As a result, Interfor has an extensive network of legal experts in various jurisdictions throughout the world with the proven ability to freeze assets and collect on judgments.

In addition, Interfor has a staff consisting of former intelligence and investigative professionals throughout the U.S., Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. Interfor’s global presence has allowed our investigators to follow the movement of money between continents, often exposing multinational shell corporations, previously unidentified assets, and illegal money laundering operations.

Thinking Outside the Box: International Asset Search and Recovery

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