Investigations for Hedge Funds, Venture Funds, Private Equity Firms and other Financial Institutions

investigations for financial institutions

Our financial affairs are predicated on trust and fair dealing. As world economies continue to fluctuate, the temptation to falsify earnings, overvalue assets, and otherwise manipulate financial reports increases exponentially. Unregulated and misunderstood financial vehicles are breeding grounds for theft, misappropriation and mismanagement. Relying on reputation, a referral or a recommendation alone is no longer a sensible business strategy.

In this environment of increased scrutiny and concern, knowing who you are dealing with, what they do and how they do it is paramount to prudent investing. It is critical to institute or expand your due diligence requirements to determine the true identity and underlying interests of any business agents or associates that your institution conducts business with.

Since 1979, Interfor has performed enhanced due diligence investigations for clients who need comprehensive background information about new investments, business relationships and prospective partners. Our services have been utilized by hedge funds, private equity firms and financial institutions in lieu of or as a supplement to their in-house research and compliance units.

From vetting potential partners in China or South America to ascertaining business relationships from the Netherlands to New Zealand, we assist businesses and their counsel in every corner of the world. Formulating investigative strategies for businesses is a feature of our multi-discipline research and investigative teams. Our unique capabilities have been recognized by corporations, financial institutions and law firms throughout the world.

As a full-service investigative firm, we provide a complete menu of investigative and consulting services. Post-deal, we have assisted companies in examining how business arrangements became impaired, tracking missing monies or assets and in pre-trial intelligence gathering, discovery, trial preparation, witness location and post-judgment asset tracing.

Interfor has the ability to rapidly assemble an integrated, international team of investigators, researchers, fraud examiners and sources that are ready to provide vital, timely and essential services in all manner of situations.

Investigations for Hedge Funds, Venture Funds, Private Equity Firms and other Financial Institutions

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