Thorough litigation preparedness

Thorough litigation preparedness

People in business face a daunting array of legal challenges in today’s environment. These disputes can range from frivolous lawsuits to “bet the company” and “scorched earth” litigation. Whatever the case, you need experienced investigators who can provide sound research and actionable intelligence to guide your course of action.

Interfor offers a wide array of services to ensure thorough litigation preparedness in all types of cases. Since 1979, we have worked discreetly and confidentially providing vital intelligence to litigators. Interfor supports any and all activities that prepare litigants for trial in the pre-litigation, in-litigation and post-litigation stage.

Interfor offers comprehensive, worldwide intelligence and investigative services, including:

  1. ƒSpecial factual inquiries ƒ
  2. Witness location ƒ
  3. Evidence gathering ƒ
  4. Pre-discovery intelligence gathering ƒ
  5. Background investigations ƒ
  6. Interviewing witnesses ƒ
  7. Selection, management and vetting of expert witnesses ƒ
  8. Document discovery ƒ
  9. Case preparation ƒ
  10. Asset Investigations ƒ
  11. Post-judgment asset investigations

Interfor’s investigative findings can help legal strategists and businesses decide whether to litigate, negotiate or chart an alternative route to dispute resolution.

We have worked closely with financial institutions, corporate entities and their inside and outside counsel to manage these challenges throughout the world. Our case managers and investigators have been involved with high-profile cases, and we understand the special circumstances of media exposure. The Litigation Support Group has regularly represented parties in major trials in state and federal courts as well as arbitration tribunals in the United States and abroad.

Interfor has the ability to rapidly assemble an integrated, international team of investigators to address all aspects of a client’s problem and to handle various inquiries in multiple jurisdictions. We have the experience and know-how to tackle complex investigations aggressively and incisively on your behalf. The key areas in which we practice include:

Litigation Practice Areas

  1. Complex Commercial Litigation ƒ
  2. Securities and Commodities
  3. Intellectual Property Disputes ƒ
  4. Bankruptcies ƒ
  5. Corporate Fraud & White Collar Crime ƒ
  6. Counterfeiting and Product Diversion ƒ
  7. Antitrust and Unfair Competition ƒ
  8. FCPA violations ƒ
  9. Government Contracting ƒ
  10. Computer Software and Licensing ƒ
  11. Patents, Copyrights and other Intellectual Property ƒ
  12. Contract disputes and Business Torts

If you would like to learn more about our security and investigative services, or if you have a specific matter you would like to discuss, please call our office at 212-605-0375, or email us at

Thorough litigation preparedness

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