The Big Bank Con-$4.6 Billion

Gold bars

In New York in 2013, two con men posing as gold traders from India conned a reputable law firm into representing them, and then using that connection, managed to secure a staggering $900,000,000 loan from JP Morgan with which to trade. But they didn’t stop there. They then hosted an exclusive event and issued a 30 day deadline to other investors who attended. Within that month, they had raised a staggering total of $4.6 Billion.
Then, they disappeared and the money vanished from the account.

Hired by the bank, Interfor tracked them to Dubai and set up a sting posing as a new potential investor. Through recorded conversations and using Interpol contacts to track the money, Interfor managed to identify $3 Billion – and the con men are now behind bars.

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The Big Bank Con-$4.6 Billion

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