White-Collar Crime

White-Collar Crime

Interfor was retained, prior to criminal proceedings, by a leading law firm representing a consortium of financial institutions, banks and insurance companies that were defrauded through a deliberate scheme perpetrated by executives of a company that resulted in losses of over 4 billion $. Interfor’s task was to proof that the fraud had occurred and to find the hidden assets that were siphoned out of the company by the executives. Through our team of fraud examiners, investigators and confidential sources, Interfor uncovered the trail of funds from the US through the Caribbean and Far East leading eventually to bank accounts in Europe.

Interfor was then able to link the executives to the fraud through intelligence gathering. The link was provided by monitoring the executives’ lifestyles and demonstrating that the executives were “in touch” with the suspect accounts in Europe. Using this intelligence, Interfor then orchestrated a comprehensive pretext operation that obtained an admission of the embezzlement scheme from one of the executives.

White-Collar Crime

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