Terrorism Vulnerability Assessment


A major corporation hired Interfor to conduct “real world” terrorism vulnerability assessments on their five domestic campuses.

The assessments included evaluating the probability of a terrorist bomb attack, the types of damage and associated repercussions from such attacks, and the estimated number of casualties (deaths and injuries). Using a proprietary algorithm, unique methodologies and 30 years of counterterrorism experience, Interfor advised the company of ways to tighten and realign corporate security priorities. Risk levels from both domestic and international terrorism were examined and measured with regard to factors including location, reputation, employee morale, building design materials and current security countermeasures. New counter-measures were recommended that were more effective from both a compliance and budgetary stand-point and the company’s evacuation and business continuity plans were modified. Consequently, the company was able to re-evaluate their insurance needs and negotiate a reduction in rates.

If you would like to learn more about our security and investigative services, or if you have a specific matter you would like to discuss, please call our office at 212-605-0375, or visit our website at http://www.interforinternational.com/

Terrorism Vulnerability Assessment

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