Counterfeiting and Product Diversion Investigations


By utilizing our extensive worldwide network of sources and investigators, we have concentrated our efforts to thwart counterfeiters and pirates at the production/manufacturing level to interrupt counterfeit product distribution and to seize and interrupt cash flow and assets.

Our investigations have resulted in aggressively confiscating counterfeit products at their source of production and have resulted in freezing cash and assets at the distribution and production sites.

Whenever practicable, Interfor has sought to implement these actions with a minimum of assistance from local, state and federal authorities.

One of our clients, a large pharmaceutical company was concerned that a foreign generic drug manufacturer was developing a competitive version of its product. Interfor determined that one of the client’s chemists, a disgruntled employee, had a relationship with the generic manufacturer and had provided it with the proprietary formula. The individual was later indicted and convicted.

If you would like to learn more about our security and investigative services, or if you have a specific matter you would like to discuss, please call our office at 212-605-0375, or visit our website at


Counterfeiting and Product Diversion Investigations

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