Rave Mobile Safety-2017 Rave User Summit

Interfor International is proud to attend the Rave Mobile Safety user summit in Atlanta from April 23rd to April 25th and speak about emerging security threats.


Rave Mobile Safety-2017 Rave User Summit

Rave Mobile Safety Webinar

4 Key Trends to Fight Corporate Security Risks

Corporate security continues to evolve and prepare for a growing matrix of threats and responsibilities. Taking a look at the 2017 security landscape, Don Aviv, CPP, PSP, PCI Chief Operating Officer, Interfor International explores trends in 4 areas central to delivering quality corporate safety and security.

During the webinar, Don will discuss: 1.Successfully deploy corporate security systems: – Total cost of ownership (lifecycle) – Commoditization of the industry 2.Improving workplace violence awareness and response – Differentiating between active shooter programs 3. Protecting the lone employee and duty of care responsibility 4. Enhancing global employee communication and location awareness.